101 Paper Flowers & Where to Start – Part I


Hi there, I have an amazing post for you today! I collaborated with “THE BEST” paper flower smiths to bring you a series of blog posts, called: 101 Paper Flowers & Where to Start – Part I. This series will introduce you to some of the most incredible and talented paper flower pro’s out there.

As you may know, I recently started making paper flowers myself. Find my first Wild Paper Flower video here, and the blog post here.

101 Paper Flowers & Where to Start – Part I

So first up is the talented Jennifer Tran from Papetal, you can find all her video tutorials here and her Etsy shop here.

Jennifer Tran from _papetal_

… about me

I am a flower smith, currently living and working in Sydney. Within the domain of craft, I find inspiration in the works of Rebecca Thuss and Lynn Dolan. I like the elegant composition and impeccable attention to detail in Lynn Dolan’s botanical replications, and I admire Rebecca Thuss for her whimsical ideas and innovative techniques. I acknowledge their critical influences in my practice, however, I endeavor to define my own stylistic differences.


… about paper flowers

Paperflower2-JenniferI came to love flower making as I crafted a surprise bouquet for my friend’s birthday. I was so obsessed that just within the last two months of 2013, I tirelessly crafted hundreds of experiments. The results were not always as successful as I hoped, however, I enjoyed every bit of the process. It was an exhilarating experience to see my ideas blossoming and unfolding in front of me. I was able to transform ordinary materials into something so charmingly beautiful. I created new forms and discovered new techniques along the way. There was so much to learn and to explore, I could not stop making them ever since.

… about Papetal

In January 2014, I started a blog to share my work with friends and family. As the blog began to develop, I started receiving custom order requests. I decided to open a shop on Etsy not only to sell but also to learn how to manage a business. There is a lot of administration involved in managing Papetal, however, I find this process as fun and rewarding as flower making.

I see Papetal as constantly evolving. Whilst I do have a few staples, I like to explore and come up with new designs every time. For updates on my work, please connect with me on Instagram.

BONUS – Quick interview with Jennifer:

What crepe paper do you work with, and why?

I work with a range of paper but prefer 60GSM fine Italian paper as it has the closest texture & thickness to real flowers.

I see you work with adhesive glue instead of hot glue, can you share why you prefer the adhesive glue over the hot glue?

Several reasons:

  1. Adhesive glue is more affordable and easy to use, no electricity required
  2. Hot glue thickens the base of flowers resulting in a bulky, unclean finish.
  3. I’m accident prone, I just like to avoid working with a hot glue gun

What resources do you use to find new flower inspirations?

Instagram, I appreciate the work of real florists and learn a lot from them. There are many wonderful florists out there, whom I’m constantly inspired by ( my top faves are @mivioleta and @yasminemei)

How long does it take you to make an entire bouquet?

Oh, this really depends on the complexity of the project but I would say 2 weeks at the minimum. I don’t usually take in new projects but when I do, I’d like to give it my best. Often enough, this means spending a lot of time fixing little details.


You can find all her social media here: Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Etsy | Blog

Paper Flower Tutorials

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Up next is the talented Quynh from Pinkandposey, stay tuned she will teach us how to make hops next week!

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