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We carry top quality boutique style goods. We pride ourselves in carrying the best quality jewelry. We are proud to bring the customers an amazing assortment of products. The products include assortments of home decor, posters, printable, jewelry and jewelry kits.

Bettina Johnson offers you a variety of jewelry styles, and is the founder and retailer of the Ikea Cushion Fabric Buttons. Whatever the customers are looking for, we can make it for them. We pride ourselves in keeping up with the latest trends and styles.

As the handmade online shopping place, we strive to offer you the best customer service, fast and efficient processing on orders. We understand how important each customer is. We provide special care in each one of you. Furthermore, each customer will receive the special attention they need. Our efficient and fast processing time, guarantees that each order will be processed and shipped in fastest time*.

*processing time may vary depending on the product