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I am working on this 30-year-old chair, that I got at an upscale sale store for just $22. I wanted to share the steps I took, and the tools I used to take off the old upholstery.

You may wonder how I can be sure this chair is over 30 years old? Well, look for yourself! I found this tag on the bottom seat of the chair, and was surprised when I saw the exact date, some of the company name and the state it was manufactured in.

Retail price $563, I have to admit that I am speechless. Imagine you had to pay this amount 30 years ago, for a chair!!!

Price tag

So, before I started taking down the old upholstery, I made sure to have the right tools for this job. Since I will be using the old upholstery as a template for my new fabric, I need to make sure the job is done right or I will end up with ripped pieces.

Tools needed

A simple Stanley 84-029 8-Inch Bi-Material Lineman Pliers and Great Neck Tl4c Tack Puller will do the trick.

Step 1-taking down staples

This chair was covered with staples, as you can see on the left hand side.

Step 2-taking down staples

This side didn’t have foam/batting underneath the leather. However, the front had some foam, which is understandable if you want a comfy chair.

Step 3-Removed seating

Step 4-Removed foam

Step 5-Removing trim

My next step was to remove the trim around the backing, this step was easy and fast (thank god, because I was already sweaty and didn’t feel like continuing).

Step 6-after trim was removed

I had just removed the trim to find out that I had MORE staples to take out! Ugh, my luck that both my kids woke at that same moment, so I stopped and continued later that day.

Step 8-removing back

After I took down the first layer of leather, I had another foam layer, a batting layer and another layer of leather.

Step 9-one layer removed

Step 10-3 more layers to go

At this point I had it with the staples on this chair! Last layer to go…

Step 10-last layers

Step 12-after sanding

I sanded the chair that evening, and applied Minwax 41500 Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner the next day. Stay tuned for more updates in the next few of days.

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