DIY // How to tuft/button your IKEA Karlstad cushions

How to tuft Ikea Karlstad Sofa cushions

Today I like to show you how to tuft/button your Ikea Karlstad Sofa cushions. We changed the entire appearance of our sofa in only 20 minutes, and it made such a big impact to our sofa. 

Our living-room is huge, and we have struggled with the layout since we first moved in, back in 2012. But after we purchased a new sofa, it’s starting to feel like a place you want to hang out in. I am not sure if you noticed, we had a different sofa cover (Sivik Dark Gray from the Ikea Karlstad Series), but it made the room very masculine and dark. So, right before I actually added the buttons to my cushions, we went to Ikea and purchased the Isunda Gray covers.

I’ve always dreamed about owning a tufted sofa, but did not want to spend $1000’s of dollars!!! Well, I didn’t have too, and I promise you after you’ve watched my little video, you’ll be heading to the stores to gather all supplies needed for your own sofa/couch transformation!

But, before I get started, here are a few shots of our sectional before the transformation…

Ikea karlstad cushion makeover - before Ikea karlstad cushion makeover - before 1 Ikea karlstad cushion makeover - before 2

I know, I know, we need a coffee table. I have been searching for a card catalog coffee table all over the Dallas/Fort Worth area, but haven’t found one yet.

Ok, let’s move on.

How to tuft/button your IKEA Karlstad cushions

Step 1.

Measure your cushion, then add some pins where you’ll be placing the buttons. Measure again, and again. I placed my outside buttons 6 inches away from the top and the sides piping, and the following buttons were 6-8 inches apart, depending on the size of the pillow.

Step 2.

Get everything ready, cut 84-twine strands approx. each 24 inches long.

Step 3.

Put on your favorite music, and lets transform a sofa… (now, you may watch the video)

Be nice to me, it’s my very first video (where I am actually talking) and far from being perfect.

Enjoy, and please share your finished project on IG (tag @oheverythinghandmade) or on Facebook.

Tufted Ikea Karlstad Sofa Cushions


Tufted Ikea Karlstad Sofa cushions

Tufted Ikea Karlstad Sofa cushions 2


    • says

      Hi Carmody, this sofa has become the most fun item in our house, our kids are all over it since we have changed the covers and tufted the cushions. It’s magical!!! Happy tufting if you decided to do it.

      • says

        have you been able to wash the slipcover since the tufting? That makes me nervous, with our chaos we’re washing our covers at least twice a month!

        • says

          Eryka, no we have our kids on it all the time and haven’t washed the covers yet. But, like I mentioned in a previous comment, you can simply cut the twine off behind the covers and retuft the cushions after washing. The buttons will be reusable no matter how often you take them off.

  1. Karen says

    What a pretty change to an Ikea sofa. I have camper cushions I need to re-tuft, how exactly did you tie the knot that you slid down to tighten the button in place?

  2. liz n. says

    Bettina, have you checked Antique Revival in Grapevine? Awhile ago, they had a table that sound similar to what you’re looking for. I don’t know if they still have it, but it might be worth a shot.

    • says

      Hi Nicole, glad you asked! I had a few other readers that were concerned about the same thing.
      This is what I think about (opinion from a mom of two little monkeys that are constantly jumping on the couch) not being able to wash my covers;
      • these covers are super easy to just clean with a damp rag
      • if it’s anything that may have dried on, it can be brushed off with a soft brush (my kids love crackers, and its all over there hands – sometimes even on the couch)
      • we had the couch nearly one year now, and only took one of the bottom cushions off.
      • you can also just cut the twine that was used to apply the buttons, wash them, and add the buttons to the cushions again.

      Its not permanent, you just have to be willing to do it!

  3. says

    Wow! That makes such a difference! We’re currently building an extension so I am drowning in sofa catalogues – this is a great plan, You can’t beat Ikea on price but your tufts make your sofa look individual and much more interesting. Thanks for the idea!

  4. says

    Wow! That’s awesome! Thanks for the tutorial. Curious too, did you make your curtains? If so, can you point me in the direction of the fabric you used. Thanks. Very inspiring.

  5. says

    This is absolutely brilliant. You are really creative. Although I loved the sofa the way it was but it looks more elegant with the tuft buttons. :)

  6. Rachel says

    I want to do this! We have the beige karlstad sofa, and we are in the uk…. How might I get or make matching buttons?

  7. Matt says

    Hi Bettina, this looks great! I’ve heard the Karlstad cushions tend to sag and not hold up well…have you noticed a difference since tufting whether the cushions tend to look more full?

    • says

      We had our sofa for 1 year now, and my kids always sit on the cushions while watching a show on TV. The tufting is helping to prevent the cushions from sagging. Hope this helped, let me know if you like to see a current image of our cushions.

  8. Barbara says

    I just finished my tufting project using your tutorial. It came out even better than I thought. I am so happy you shared this amazing project on your blog. Your home looks fantastic BTW.

  9. Madeleine says

    Hi! Good idea! Looks amazing! Can you also do it on the seat cushions? If so, and I have a 3 seat Karlstad – I need to order 6 (x8) right? I guess I wont need buttons on both sides of the seat cushions.


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