Shamballa Bracelet tutorial

Shambala bracelet by OhEverythingHandmade

Crystals are a great way to dress up an everyday look. Currently, my favorite way to wear them is with Shamballa-style bracelets. See how easy and affordable they are to make with this easy step-by-step Shamballa bracelet tutorial! Shamballa Bracelet tutorial If you are interested in making this ...

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Floral Easter Table Setting

Floral Easter Table Setting by oheverythinghandmade

I got to hunt Easter decor for my Floral Easter Table Setting this week. I felt like a kid in a candy store to be honest, the highlight was when I found the Easter bunny cookie jar (which I had been looking for since anthropology came out with one), my day was made! My kids love Easter, I think ...

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Submersed Faux Floral Centerpiece Tutorial

Submersed faux Floral Centerpiece by OhEverythingHandmade

I am back, and I can't wait to show you my Submersed Faux Floral Centerpiece tutorial. This submersed faux floral centerpiece is romantic, modern, simple, yet sophisticated and features Orchids & Ranunculus! It's been two crazy weeks, with restless nights and busy days. I will try to squeeze ...

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Herringbone Hairpin Leg Coffee Table Tutorial

Herringbone Coffee Table by Oheverythinghandmade

Today I'll be sharing how I made my Herringbone Hairpin Leg Coffee Table. If you are a follower on my Instagram @oheverythinghandmade you may remember me looking for a coffee table, but because I couldn't find what I was looking for. I decided to build my own table! After searing the internet, I ...

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Faux Floral Centerpiece Tutorial

Faux Floral AFloral Feature01

Hi friends, I am so excited to share today's Faux Floral Centerpiece Tutorial with you. I have been working on our new living room makeover, and needed to soften up the space with floral. After researching faux flowers for the past week, I decided to make my first centerpiece. You'll be surprised ...

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Jewelry Wire Bracelet // DIY

oyindoubara_jewelry diy_Wire Wrapped Bracelet_featured1

Jewelry Wire Bracelet Instructions Today's jewelry tutorial is a wire bracelet made by Oyin, our talented jewelry editor. We love this jewelry wire bracelet because it is simple to make and looks stunning once finished. Tools. ~ Measuring tape ~ Tear drop bead (1) ~ Czech Crystals ...

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How to Make enamel Earrings

How to make enamel earrings

I love to learn new things, so today I will show you how to make these cure enamel earrings. I was working on a post for on how to create enamel jewelry, but since I've never worked with enameling before, I watched the Torch-Fired Class they have to get me started. Make ...

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Ribbon Bow Christmas Card

Ribbon Bow Christmas Card DIY

Make your Holiday wishes extra special this year with our Ribbon Bow Christmas Cards. This week I sent out all our Christmas Cards, and because I love how cute these cards turned out, I want to share how I made them with a budget of $8.48. Many craft stores have sales of all there Christmas ...

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