10 Beautiful Upholstery Chair projects

Chair Upholstery projects

I made a fun upholstery chair project board on my Hometalk account, to find inspiration and maybe motivation! With my current chair project in the works, I found it very motivating to see all these beautifully made upholstery chairs. There are numerous option to finish a chair. Painting over the ...

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My favorite DIY projects on the web…

Image courtesy of sarahmdorseydesigns

Today, I like to share some of my must read/make DIY projects on the world wide web. I am inspired by each of them, and sometimes I even recreate what some of these talented ladies and gentlemen have made. Ok, so enough about me - let us get started with these ...

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DIY // How to Upholster a Coffee Table

Transform a coffee table

When I first saw this coffee table, I thought it had a perfect size and shape, plus the project was affordable enough to re-finish. The hardest part about this DIY, was to stay out my comfort zone, which is neutral colors. I wanted to make something bright and colorful. So, I spent almost 2 hours ...

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From old Coffee Table to Ottoman

Living room Design Board

This old coffee table is my next project. I was debating on getting rid of our glass top coffee table and create or make-over something that was more fun for our living room. Our living room is very spacious, so when I found this beauty on craigslist, I just couldn't pass on it. It is about 4.5 ...

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Kitchen // Handmade Tile Installation + FireClayTile Giveaway

FireClayTile step by step installation

Are you prepared for my longest DIY (do it yourself project) post on the oheverythinghandmade blog!? Glad you are, or if you aren't ready I would suggest you get a cup of coffee before you continue reading... We finally finished our NEW Ikea kitchen, it's been 2 Months since we first started ...

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DIY // Old Window frame Chalkboard

DIY Old Window Frame Chalkboard6

My new kitchen is all done, the only thing that's missing is a countertop for my island. But other than that, we have been enjoying it already. So, now that this big project is done, I will have more time for DIY's and to write on oheverythinghandmade (sorry for the past few weeks). I made this ...

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Kitchen // How to cut a sink hole into butcher block

how to cut a sink hole, working with butcher block!

After searching the web on how to cut a sink hole in butcher block, I had to write this little post about how we did it, just to give the web my own 5 sense. We decided to go with drilling holes along the cutting line, which is really unnecessary in my opinion! But let's get started with some ...

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Kitchen // How to cut an IKEA Butcher Block

How to cut a butcher block Banner

Cutting a butcher block can be very intimidating and might even scare you off, so you end up hiring someone to do it for you. It's actually not as difficult as you may think!!! I will break it down for you, to make it easier and understandable. You will gain confidence and tackle this counter all ...

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Easter DIY Collection

Easter DIY Collection

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Easter Egg Garland | Pretty Egg Soaps | Paper-Napkin Decoupage Eggs | Braided Easter Egg Bread Here are a few of my favorite DIY projects you can still make until Easter, these are easy and quick - promise! I will be making the braided Easter bread for some ...

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Kitchen // How to install drywall

Step by step drywall installation

Remember this look, from my last kitchen update when we took the counter tops and the base cabinets out? Today, I like to share how I installed new drywall in the kitchen. We had white and gray tile before, they came down very difficult and most of the drywall broke and left us with huge ...

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Kitchen // Removing Base cabinet, Countertops & Backsplash

empty Kitchen

Hi friends, so after a long weekend filled with fun and lots of work, we are finally back into a fresh week, which gives me a little bit of a break from the kitchen remodel. I have been sore for the past week, but the hardest part of building this kitchen is already complete and we can use the ...

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Kitchen Remodel // Removing upper cabinets

Upper kitchen cabinet takedown

We finally started on our kitchen remodel! And while we've been working on the kitchen for the past few days, I took step by step images for you guys. I will share my experience from this remodel in several blog posts, including any tips or tricks that I use along the way! After IKEA called ...

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