Bold and Beautiful Mid-Century Modern

When  you have a bright room, with lots of natural light coming in through windows or doors, this bold option of a Mid-Century modern room might be just the right one for you. I am not shy to combine bold and beautiful, to me it is the best combination to create a sophisticated and luxurious room. This collage was inspired… 

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Image courtesy of sarahmdorseydesigns

My favorite DIY projects on the web…

Today, I like to share some of my must read/make DIY projects on the world wide web. I am inspired by each of them, and sometimes I even recreate what some of these talented ladies and gentlemen have made. Ok, so enough about me - let us get started with these incredible DIY’s. These DIY’s are super cute… 

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Recipe Cards All1

Freebie // Full Recipe Card Set

It is time for a Freebie! I am so excited to share today’s freebie. I was working on it last week and just finished a set of writable recipe cards for my readers. The Set of 4-recipe cards includes: Four-recipe cards (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert) Four-recipe card dividers This set of 8 cards (in total) is FREE to download from our links… 

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Makeover // A Colorful Pantry

I clean out my pantry frequently, because it changes from an organized to a disaster – like my current pantry above. Last time I cleaned out this pantry was around May 2013, way overdue. So, I got to it right away. But this time I incorporated a little bit of color, replaced the old shelf mats, and… 

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Coming soon… The Garage makeover

May I introduce, the dirty workshop/garage! Hubby and I haven’t been able to drive our cars into this garage for a year now. I am blushing for all the craziness going on there! But for what it is worth, hubby and I can still use the garage for all kinds of things like; projects, jewelry work (see workbench on the right side) and storage…. 

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DIY // How to Upholster a Coffee Table

When I first saw this coffee table, I thought it had a perfect size and shape, plus the project was affordable enough to re-finish. The hardest part about this DIY, was to stay out my comfort zone, which is neutral colors. I wanted to make something bright and colorful. So, I spent almost 2 hours on a Saturday afternoon at… 

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Reveal-coffee table

Reveal // Upholstered Coffee Table

My craigslist find is finally painted, upholstered and ready to be used. After I had finished the table I actually made the decision to sell the table, you can find it in my etsy shop. This table was super fun to work with, I will be sharing a full makeover in a couple of days. But, for today I’ll only… 

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Final Toy Chest by OhEverythingHandmade

DIY // Toy Chest with Seating

As we grow older we accumulate things, things that we love or need at a daily basis! Jasmine is a collector of EVERYTHING colorful and fun to play with. Well, what can I tell you the house is overflowing with toys and we can’t start taking stuff to Goodwill because little baby brother is still… 

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Spice up your Shorts

Transform your Jeans into Spicy Shorts!

Do you have an old, but very loved pair of jeans hanging in your closet? I sure do, but unfortunately they started falling apart in the knee area. But because they are such a great fit and UBER comfortable, I re-purposed them into spicy shorts. I love lime green and the maxi piping is giving… 

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